Welcome to the Pack 180 website. Our Cub Scout program offers fun and challenging activities to promote character development, citizenship, and physical fitness for boys who are in the first grade through fifth grade. It is our mission to provide each scout a safe, exciting and valuable Cub Scouting experience to prepare him for the challenges of scouting, while developing the necessary life skills to help him succeed in future endeavors. Holden Cub Scouts Pack 180 provides a year round quality program for youths in Holden and the surrounding towns. If you have a youth interested in joining cub scouts please use our contact option  for more information.

Cub Scout Pack 180 is sponsored by the Holden Congregational Church in Holden, Massachusetts. Holden Cub Scouts, Pack 180 is a proud member of the Quinsigamond District in the Mohegan Council of the Boy Scouts of America. We are one of the oldest Packs in Massachusetts, serving scouting for over 67 years. Cub Scouts offer fun and challenging activities to promote character development, citizenship, and physical fitness for boys who are in the first grade through fifth grade (or ages 6 – 10). In our Pack, parents and leaders work together to help the boys grow in the ideals of Scouting.


Mohegan Council News

It's with great joy for Jim and his wife Michele, and sadness for us that the Mohegan Council announces his impending departure. Jim came to us after a great career at Liberty Mutual Insurance. He has been a difference maker for our Council working with Quinsigamond volunteers to help the District grow in membership, resources, and manpower.

Jim has worked hard to help units succeed and the Council certainly has appreciated his business knowledge and life wisdom. As is every Scouters goal, he leaves our Service Area better than he found it.

Jim and his wife Michele have found their “retirement home” in East Greenwich, RI, where they will be close to Narragansett Bay and to their extended family. Jim is uncertain about his employment plans at this point, but whether as an employee, volunteer, or donor, he will remain connected to the Boy Scouts of America. He will continue to support the Quinisgamond District until mid-July.

The Council has begun searching for new prospects for the role of Quinsigamond District Executive, and will see that the District is through the transition.

Mon, Jun 11, 2018

Excited and nervous – all at the same time

Do you remember what it was like when you got married, or when you brought your baby home from the hospital? I remember being excited and nervous all at the same time, and I feel a bit that way now here at Mohegan.

During the month of May:

We received a $73,000 grant from a super family foundation for continued physical improvements at Treasure Valley. We had over 11,000 racers and families visit Treasure Valley over Mother's Day weekend for Spartan Race's Boston Sprint. That's a lot of people that now know Scouting is alive and well. And Spartan always leaves our camp better than they found it. Both Nashua Valley Council and ours held their Annual Council meetings where an overwhelming affirmative vote was cast to move forward with the merger of our operations.

In early June:

We held our 36th Annual Golf Outing for Scouting with 72 golfers and lots of great sponsors. Fun and supporting Scouting, that's a great combo! June 4th we'll be spending our recent $108,000 grant from the George W. Magee Trust as we finish the repave of the East Camp road. This is a major improvement that will provide us a solid road for twenty years or longer. June 6th, we kick off our Program year and launch locally the new Cub Family program. At the National Meeting I attended last week I learned that early adopters have recruited one new boy for every two girls that they have enrolled. They found the new girls had brothers who had never tried Scouting and wanted to after seeing their sisters have so much fun. June 13th the new Mohegan Lodge on Boonesville Plain will be dedicated and we'll hold our annual Friends of Treasure Valley picnic.

And I haven't mentioned the WIIC Pow Wow, Walker Memorial, Catholic Committee Adult awards dinner or the new Popcorn Kernel Academy.

It's a dynamic time in Mohegan Council and we continue to be willing to try something new that might help us deliver the best program for our kids. I'm excited, and a bit nervous, but I can't wait to see what the future brings.

See you at camp,

Sat, Jun 02, 2018

Click here for the official statement from the Council Executive Boards.

Both Nashua Valley and Mohegan Councils held their annual meetings at the end of May where a vote on approving the merger recommendation from both boards was taken up. In both cases, the votes were overwhelming in favor of consolidating our two operations, 835 Yes in Nashua Valley and 97% Yes in Mohegan. A new day for Scouting will be dawning in Central Massachusetts.

The vote itself gives our current Executive Board the authority to move forward to conclude the merger. Everything stays as it is now as we work out the details over the next 60 to 120 days. There will be many things that we have to do here and things that happen at the National Office as we come together.

Units, their leaders, parents and our Scouts will really see no change in operations. You'll still have the same folks to call and Service Center & Scout Shop to visit.

We will have a chance to begin planning for a new combined future. The new Council Executive Board will get organized, a selection committee will be appointed to interview for the new Council Scout Executive position, a strategic planning committee and an ‘office evaluation committee' will be appointed to begin looking at what we think the future might be.

We'll be looking for lots of input, and will continue to communicate what's going on as we move forward.

Much thanks to all the volunteers who have helped us get to this point, and who will help us build our new future.

Be on the lookout for the new Council “Naming” Campaign. We're looking for the best suggestions that the new Board can pick from that will best represent what Scouting is in central Massachusetts.

Yours in Scouting,

Thu, May 31, 2018

It is with great pride that the Mohegan Council announces that Outdoor Program Director Ian Snyder will be advancing his Scouting journey in New Hampshire with the Daniel Webster Council this fall.

Ian has been with the Council since 2015, first as the Director of Cub Scout Day Camp. He then took on the role of Outdoor Program Director, overseeing Council camping activities including the direction of Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.

Scouters play many roles; Ian also advises the Order of the Arrow, Properties Committee, Outdoor Program Committee, Friends of Treasure Valley, and TVEX Committee.

Providing guidance to our seasonal camp staff, volunteer committees, and camp ranger, Ian achieved the primary objective he was hired to accomplish: spearhead the revitalization of Treasure Valley. In the past few summers, downward camper attendance trends have turned around, the property looks better than ever, and TVSR is becoming a sought-after destination for camping and adventure.

Ian is the type of Professional Scouter that any Council wants on their team; a strategic thinker, an authentic leader, and someone who lives by the Scout Oath and Law always. We know that Ian will go far in everything he does and will provide the Daniel Webster Council and the Scouting movement an invaluable resource of knowledge and leadership.

Ian will be sorely missed and will leave big shoes to fill. His institutional knowledge of our camp and program are not easy to pass on, and we strive to fill his position well before he leaves; it has already been advertised to other Professional Scouters in the movement looking to come to our area.

The Council wishes Ian and his wife, Maura, the very best in the next leg of their journey.

Personal Statement from Ian Snyder, Outdoor Program Director

To all Mohegan Scouts and Scouters, TVSR Volunteers and supporters, friends and colleagues,

Thank you for your support these last few years. It has been my pleasure and honor to serve Mohegan Council and Treasure Valley Scout Reservation. We, as a Scouting community, have accomplished so much together with the common goal of providing a better program for our Scouts and campers. TVSR is on a new path for continued growth with a strong program, experienced staff, and an overall sustainable property because of the hard work we have invested.

I have often referred to the History of Treasure Valley by Michael McQuaid in my closing remarks at our campfires and I will once more, over the last 93 years dozens of men and women have served in the role I currently hold, each of them contributing their best to the betterment of our camp. My only hope is that I have served well as a steward of the camp these last few years and will leave the camp better than I found it.

My wife Maura and I are excited to move back to New Hampshire to be closer to family members in the Exeter area. I am grateful to the Daniel Webster Council for the opportunity to serve another Scouting Community while also accomplishing my family's personal goals. The Scouting profession has provided me with great opportunities for leadership, growth, and exciting adventures. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my Scouting journey.

I look forward to sharing another summer season with many of you out at camp! It's going to be a great season with as much fun, adventure, and achievement that we can fit into it! Come join us!

See you at camp,

Tue, May 22, 2018

National Scouting News

The safety of our youth participants, volunteers and staff is a priority for everybody at Philmont Scout Ranch and the Boy Scouts of America. While efforts continue to extinguish the Ute Park fire currently burning in the back-country, the anticipated damage and inability to access the affected areas makes it currently impossible to host back country programs. Until the fire is extinguished, the areas are inspected and the damage assessed, it is impossible to definitively state when those programs will resume.

At this time, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all backcountry treks that were scheduled to take place in the Philmont backcountry from June 8 – July 14, 2018. We hope that back country treks may resume after July 14, 2018 with altered itineraries, assuming the back country is safe and infrastructure is restored.

Additionally, programs scheduled to take place at Philmont Training Center will also be canceled through June 23, 2018. The Philmont Training Center expects to welcome back participants beginning with Philmont Family Adventure on June 24, 2018.

The NAYLE program, which takes place at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp seven miles south of the Philmont Base Camp and is unaffected by the Ute Park Fire, will go on as scheduled.

Over the next few days, we will be contacting the lead advisor or contingent leader of all crews that are impacted by this decision, starting with those that are scheduled to arrive first, as well as affected PTC coordinators. Thank you in advance for allowing the Philmont team to contact your crew – your assistance will help make sure that Philmont phone lines remain open.

We will continue to work with local, state and federal authorities to continuously evaluate the fire and air quality to ensure that we can safely deliver outstanding program.

Thank you for your support and patience.

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Mon, Jun 04, 2018

The Boy Scouts of America has confirmed that the Ute Park fire in New Mexico is affecting the Philmont Scout Ranch. Thankfully, youth members have not yet arrived at Philmont for the summer so there are no youth participants on-site.

Our Philmont staff are now back on the unaffected areas of the Ranch with the clearance of the authorities overseeing the situation after having been previously evacuated. All are safe and in good spirits. Additionally, livestock have also been moved to unaffected areas of the Ranch and are safe.

Currently, there are numerous resources from local, state and federal partners working to suppress this fire on the ground with support from multiple aerial firefighters. Additional incident management resources have also arrived to reinforce operations.

Damage assessments are difficult to assess currently, so we don't know the total toll the fire has taken on structures and facilities.

We are thankful that no staff have been harmed, and for the outpouring of support from the community in response to this incident. Our thoughts are focused on the wellbeing of those responding to contain the Ute Park fire. We are grateful for their continued efforts.

For more information on the fire, please visit: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5820/

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Sun, Jun 03, 2018

Xavier M. developed an Eagle project that constructed hammocks for gorillas, chimpanzees and a cheetah at the Biopark's Rio Grande Zoo. Photo credit: KRQE

A young man with a passion for helping animals came up with a novel idea to make living conditions for animals at the Albuquerque Biopark Zoo more comfortable. The idea popped into his head during a recent trip to the San Diego Zoo.

“[He is] an amazing young man, great leader,” said Assistant Scoutmaster Eddie Vargas to KRQE.

Xavier M., a Scout in the Great Southwest Council, spearheaded an Eagle Scout project that constructed hammocks out of discarded fire hoses for gorillas, chimpanzees and a cheetah at the Biopark's Rio Grande Zoo.

“I've always liked animals, I've always liked to go to the zoo, I've always liked monkeys and stuff,” Xavier explained.

Xavier's dad, Chris, says they used to go to the zoo “all the time” when he was younger.

“He saw that the apes were playing on these rubber hammocks so he asked about them and they said they're made out of recycled fire hose so he said ‘I want to do that for the Albuquerque zoo,'” Chris said.

The Scout teamed up with Biopark to determine what the animals needed and worked with local engineers to ensure proper design.

“I'm so proud it makes me want to cry cause he warms my heart daily,” said Xavier's mom, Angela.

Several Fire Departments donated fire hoses to help make Xavier's Eagle Scout project a reality.

The Scout is thankful for the help and donations from his community and says he hopes the animals will enjoy his project.

“We have plenty of volunteers, we have people working together and it's just amazing to see all this and I'm excited to see what they're going to be like at the zoo,” Xavier said.

To learn more about Xavier's Eagle Scout project, visit KRQE.com.

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Thu, May 31, 2018

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Rooted in the pillars of the Scout Oath to “do my best to do my duty to God and my country,” Boy Scouts of America takes special care in appreciating and honoring the efforts of our service men and women every day of the year. On Memorial Day, Scouts across the nation work to recognize the brave acts of veterans – unifying together as Scouts and proud Americans. Hover your cursor over the images in the gallery to the left and then click to view to discover how thousands of Scouts across the nation paid their respects on this special holiday.

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Wed, May 30, 2018